Frequently Asked Questions

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An online shopping facility is now available on this site. Please browse the site and select the item that you wish to purchase. Then Click "View More Details" and view the list of product options available. Select your required option and click "Buy Now". You can edit the basket at this point to increase the quantity or delete a complete item. Once your basket is complete please click on the "PayNow" button and follow the instructions displayed to pay by one of the major credit cards. You can also request an invoice if you wish to pay by bank transfer.

UK customers:
We send all items by Royal Mail first class post. Next to each product in our catalogue is a despatch time. You should receive your order in 1-2 days after despatch. 95% of our customers receive their order the next day. The cut off for same day despatch orders is 1pm.

International customers:
We send items using Royal Mail international delivery. This takes around 5-14 working days to arrive.

Online is what we do best, so we prefer sales to be placed online. This is the quickest way for your order to be processed and despatched. We can place orders by telephone but please note that we do not have a call centre and are not set up for a high volume of telephone calls.

Our telephone number is 0144 487 1313

If there is no advisor available then please leave your name and number in a message and we will call you back as soon as possible to take the order.

An VAT invoice will be sent to your email address immediately the order is shipped. If you do not receive this email then please first check your spam folder. You can also retrieve your last invoice by going back to your basket, on the same computer that you used to place your original order , and clicking on the "view last invoice" button.

If you wish to return your purchase then please return unused and undamaged within 14 days to

Unit 1 Regents Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TL, United Kingdom

Please return with the address label from the packet the item was sent in as this has all of your order details on it and is your proof of purchase. We advise you to at least obtain a proof of posting receipt. If you need help identifying a replacement please email us at with a photograph and dimensions of your valve so that we can assist you further.

Yes we offer a cartridge matching service. Please send your valve and tap handle to:

Unit 1 Regents Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TL, United Kingdom

Please include a cover note with your contact details.

If you can't see the size you need please contact us by email with a photograph of your valve, and your full A-K dimensions so that we can advise you further. We have a technical department who can often provide valve sizes which are not listed on the site.

Please view our Help and Advice page for a step by step guide of identifying the right product. For further advice and support please contact us by email with a photograph of your valve and the full A-K dimensions.

Most of our valves can be converted. Please Click here to find out if the valve you have purchased can be converted.

To convert please follow the following steps:
1. Remove the bottom gasket using your fingers - it just pulls out
2. Shake out the three component parts into your hand.
3. Turn the stem of the valve in the direction of turn you require for the valve to be in the open position
4. Replace the plastic spade adaptor into the barrel so that the "+" slots engage into the brass spade with the fingers of the plastic component facing the aperture(s) in the side of the barrel.
5. Replace the first part of the ceramic discs so that it marries with the plastic spade adaptor.
6. Replace the second part of the ceramic discs into the slots so that the valve water ways are open.

Yes - the Blue and Red coloured gaskets are simply our coding for the clockwise/anticlockwise models. The valves are the same in every respect apart from the direction they open. You can fit a blue valve into a hot tap and vice versa.

Yes it is possible and many of our customers have done it successfully. It can be problematical however if you do not have a good "seat" (the area of the tap block undeneath the valve). This part of the tap block must be in very good condition so that the valve can form a water tight seal. If the tap seat is scratched or pitted you will need to re-seat your tap. You then need to ensure that the replacement valve that you purchase has the correct seating depth (dimension C on our valve drawings). The seating depth needs to be correctly established using a depth probe on a vernier gauge - this dimension must be measured from within the tap block itself (from the seat of the tap, to the rim). It is not possible to measure this dimension from the old valve as this is not a fixed length. The seating depth is a very sensitive dimension and it is critical you measure this accurately.

We are sorry you are experiencing problems paying. This is probably because you have an out of date browser on your PC. We suggest you try another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari. Alternatively, please complete your basket and click on "request an invoice" ...we will then send you an electronic invoice which you will be able to pay using your existing browser with PayPal or your credit card.

To make yourself a plastic adaptor piece to go between the tap handle and the valve follow these steps:

1. Purchase a pack of resin putty from your local hardware shop ("Milliput is the leading brand).
2. Purchase some "grease" (vaseline or similar product) to act as a releasing agent.
3. Apply a thin coat of grease to both the stem of the valve and the inside of the tap handle. These are the two components that you will use as your inner and outer mould.
4. Mix a small amount of putty and then wrap a thin band of it around the stem. You may not need much thickness.
5. Place the handle in position over the stem with its applied putty wrapping.
6. Leave the resin putty to harden for few hours. The tap handle can then be removed in the normal way, if you wish. The resin will not have adhered to the two parts because of the grease and the resin putty will have formed into a removable adaptor piece.

We are sorry to hear that your new valve has not cured the drip. The first step is to eliminate the possibility of it being a faulty valve supplied by us. This is rare but does occasionally happen. Sometimes the valve may get badly handled in transit and the discs cracked or broken. If this is the case then we will send you a replacement set of discs which are easy to fit and in most cases of a faulty valve will cure the problem. If it is not a fault with the valve itself then you have either got a seating problem or have bought a valve with the wrong seating depth (Dimension C on our drawings.) First step to cure a seating problem is to try cleaning the seating area. This is the area underneath the valve where it is necessary for the valve to form a water tight seal. The seating area should be clean and polished smooth. It the area is badly pitted or scratched you may need to grind a small amount of metal away.
The second step is to measure carefully the seating depth using the depth probe on a vernier to ensure that the valve we have supplied is the correct size.

First step is to try cleaning the seating area. This is the area directly beneath the valve where it is necessary for the valve to form a water tight seal. The seating area should be clean and polished smooth. If the area is badly pitted or scratched you may need to grind a small amount of metal away using a "reseating" tool.

Yes, it is straight forward to change a ceramic cartridge and full fitting instructions will be provided with your purchase.

We recommend replacing the complete valve in the first instance. However it is sometimes possible to renovate your old valve. Please see our "spare parts" section for the spare parts that we sell. Please note that the internal parts are not standard between manufacturers and the sizes will have to match exactly for them to be a suitable. We stock all of the spare parts for our range of valves so that you can repair or renovate them if you wish. If you know the product code of the valve that you wish to repair then click here to find the part numbers of the discs and gaskets.

Tap handles are usually held on by a grub screw at the back of the handle, or by a screw through the end of the handle, hidden by a screw cover. Damixa tap handles pull off. If you are not sure how to remove your tap handle then please email with a photograph of your tap and we can offer further advice.

In the half inch range of valves we stock a large range with 21.5mm and 23.0mm seating depths. In the three quarter range we stock 23mm, 24mm and 26mm. For greater seating depths we sell a range of brass extension pieces that replace the silicone gasket. These are currently available to increase the seating depths by 2mm or 3mm and it is planned to increase the range shortly. For further information please contact us.

We offer a 12 month spare parts warranty. This means we will send you replacement ceramic discs in the rare instance your valve should fail within 1 year of purchase.