Compatible Spare Parts for the Wren Delphi

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Product CodeProduct OptionsDescriptionUnit PriceBuyDespatch Time
DelphiQA-ABAnticlockwise (to open) blue1/2" Cartridge 20x53mm£11.99 Tomorrow
DelphiQA-CRClockwise (to open) red1/2" Cartridge 20x53mm£11.99 Tomorrow
DelphiQA-PPair (1 x red, 1 x blue)1/2" Cartridge 20x53mm£23.98 Tomorrow
Product CodeProduct OptionsDescriptionUnit PriceBuyDespatch Time
SV40-PH44Pair Cartridges + Pair Handles1/2" Cartridge 55mm with 40 spline £49.99 Tomorrow
SRSPRAYWIDE-SSingleSpout Spray Head Chrome£39.99 Tomorrow
SA60-SSingleRound Brass Adaptor £6.99 Tomorrow
SR24C-SSingleAerator chrome£6.00 Tomorrow
SK32-SSingleSpout O Ring Kit £4.99 Tomorrow
SS04-SSingleM5 handle grub screw£3.00 Tomorrow
STBOX-SSingleCartridge Removal Box Spanner 14 / 17mm£9.50 Tomorrow
ST0TTK-SSingleMonobloc Tap Tightening Spanner Set£10.50 Tomorrow
SF048-SSingleChrome Plinth£9.99 Tomorrow

Tap Magician replacement ceramic cartridges for Wren Delphi Pull Out Chrome Kitchen Mixer Monobloc tap TA.WRN.041.

For guidance / instructions of how to replace a tap valve step by step please click here

Original cartridge coding PAINI ASME A112.1.8.1 UPC.

Your cartridge will have a smooth rounded brass spline adaptor fitted (see photo below).
If this is damaged or you cannot remove it you can purchase our SA60-S replacement handle adaptor.

Hot and cold replacement cartridges available.
You will need our Anticlockwise for the cold side and Clockwise for the hot side.

This model uses a 2.5mm allen key to remove the grub screw from the handle.
If you need a new handle screw this is our SS04-S and SK01-S for allen key set.

If your tap is leaking from where the spout joins the tap body then you need new o rings which is our SK32-S.

Chrome tap base plinth available SF048-S.

We have a compatible spray head available please note this is not identical to the original but is fully compatible

If you require new handles you can purchase our tap reviver kit (2 new cartirdges, handle adaptors and handles) these handles are different to the originals so must be replaced together as a kit.

Remove chrome screw cover at the back of the handle.
You will then need a 2.5mm allen key to undo the grub screw.
Once this has been removed the handle will pull off.

Watch our how to video on removing tap handles and replacing tap cartridges.

View the diagram of the Delphi tap here.

Tap Magician are the UK experts in ceramic disc tap cartridges and leaky taps. We offer high quality fully compatible tap valve spares for most UK kitchen, basin, bath and shower mixers. Easily repair and doctor your leaking or dripping hot and cold taps. Traditional or ceramic valve type. We have experienced advisors available for any technical support you need help or advice with. We stock the spare parts for all of our valves for easy and cheap low cost future maintenance (ceramic disc internals and silicone seals and washers and o'rings). We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our products.