Compatible Spare Parts for the Clearwater Alzira

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Product CodeProduct OptionsDescriptionUnit PriceBuyDespatch Time
AlziraTA-CRClockwise (to open) red1/2" x 28 x 54mm£9.99 Monday
AlziraTA-ABAnticlockwise (to open) blue1/2" x 28 x 54mm£9.99 Monday
AlziraTA-PPair (1 x red, 1 x blue)1/2" x 28 x 54mm£19.98 Monday
AlziraTA-PWBPAIR WITH SB27 BUSH1/2" x 28 x 54mm£34.97 Monday
Product CodeProduct OptionsDescriptionUnit PriceBuyDespatch Time
SK18-SSingleUnknown£6.00 Monday
SB27-SSingleUnknown£7.94 Monday
SL05-SSingleUnknown£2.99 Monday
SL50-SSingleUnknown£9.99 Monday
ST17-SSingleUnknown£6.50 Monday
Sk01-SSingleUnknown£1.99 Monday

Tap Magician Compatible Replacement spares to fit the Clearwater Alzira Kitchen Mixer Monobloc tap models TPM1CM and TPM1BF

If your tap is dripping or leaking from the end of the spout then it is time to change the internal ceramic disc cartridges (Our cartridges are fully comaptible with the 4276R / 3561R valves Hot and Cold) .

When you remove your tap cartridge the conversion bush (original code 3868R) may come out stuck to the cartridge. You can try and separate this. If you can't separate it you will need to purchase a new bush (our compatible bush is code SB27)
If your bush remains in the tap block then you can just purchase the cartridge and you do not need to remove the bush from the tap.

If your tap is leaking by the neck (which is where the spout joins the body) you need to replace the seals inside the spout. You will need an allen key to remove the spout screw. We do not supply a screw with our O ring seal kit so please make sure you keep your screw. Our ORing repair kit is compatible with 1260R / 3668R.

Tap Magician are the UK experts in ceramic disc tap cartridges and leaky taps. We offer high quality fully compatible tap valve spares for most UK kitchen, basin, bath and shower mixers. Easily repair and doctor your leaking or dripping hot and cold taps. Traditional or ceramic valve type. We have experienced advisors available for any technical support you need help or advice with. We stock the spare parts for all of our valves for easy and cheap low cost future maintenance (ceramic disc internals and silicone seals and washers and o'rings). We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our products.