Options available for:
Spares Seating depth extension pieces

           If you are unable to find on this list the exact valve dimensions that you seek then please contact us or try our valve finder search form
CodeSABCDPriceDetailsDespatch Time
SE122  182  £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE123  183  £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE342  242  £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE343  243  £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE344  244  £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE187.6 15   £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE247.6 15   £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE287.8 15   £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE20W8.00 15   £2.99DetailsTomorrow
SE24W8.0 15   £2.99DetailsTomorrow