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Spares Repair Kits

We stock the spare parts for our entire range of valves so that you can repair or renovate them if you wish. If you know the product code of the valve that you wish to repair then Click here to find the part numbers of the spare parts that you will require.

We also stock repair kits and spare parts for the Franke Tap range.

CodeSABCDPriceDetailsDespatch Time
SD11PXNABSP 1/2" Full repair kit   £3.75DetailsToday
SD12PXNABSP 1/2" Full repair kit   £2.75DetailsToday
SD13PXNABSP 1/2" Full repair kit   £2.25DetailsToday
SD34PXNABSP 3/4" Full Repair Kit   £4.99DetailsToday
SD37PXNABSP 3/4" Full Repair Kit   £3.99DetailsToday
SK01NAFor Corinthian and Doric   £1.99DetailsToday
SK10NAFor Franke Panto   £4.99DetailsToday
SK11NAFor Damixa Venus/Saturn   £3.99DetailsToday
SK12NAO' Ring Tap Repair Kit   £4.49DetailsToday
SK13NAFor Victorian Plumbing Dual taps   £4.25DetailsToday
SK1315NASpout O' Rings    £6.50DetailsToday
SK14NAFor Wickes Siena   £4.49DetailsToday
SK15NAFor Bridge taps   £6.99DetailsToday
SK16NAFor Brita Torlan Kelda   £4.99DetailsToday
SK17NAFor Eiger and Doric Taps   £5.60DetailsToday
SK18NACompatible With 1260R / 3668R (No Screw)   £5.60DetailsToday
SK19NAFor Olympus and Basel Taps   £5.60DetailsToday
SK20NAFor Kubus and Mythos Taps   £6.99DetailsToday
SK22NAFor Zurich and Davos SM Taps   £5.00DetailsToday
SK23NASpout O' Rings   £5.99DetailsToday
SK24NAFor Astracast Agena   £5.00DetailsToday
SK25NASpout O' Rings   £4.49DetailsToday
SK26NASpout O' Ring Kit   £4.49DetailsToday
SK27NASpout O' Ring Kit   £4.99DetailsToday
SK28NASpout O' Ring   £2.49DetailsToday
SK29NASpout O' Rings   £4.99DetailsToday
SK30NASpout O' Rings   £6.99DetailsToday
SK31NASpout O' Rings   £4.99DetailsToday
SK32NASpout O' Rings   £4.99DetailsToday
SK33NASpout O' Rings   £6.99DetailsToday
SK34NASpout O' Rings   £8.99DetailsToday
SK35NASpout O' Rings   £6.99DetailsToday
SK37NASpout O' Rings   £4.99DetailsToday
SK38NASpout O' Rings   £4.99DetailsToday
SK39NASpout O' Rings   £5.50DetailsToday
SK41NASpout O' Rings Valais   £4.99DetailsToday
SK94NAFor Corinthian and Doric   £6.49DetailsToday
SK96AANASpout O' Rings   £8.99DetailsToday
SK09 Spout O Ring   £2.50DetailsToday