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Quarter turn Ceramic disc tap cartridge valves BSP G.3/4" with a threaded collar

BSP 3/4 inch Thread diameter = 26.4mm (14TPI)
Threaded collar diameter = M24 x 1.0
Dimension J = 24mm
Dimension K = 30mm

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CodeSABCDPriceDetailsDespatch Time
A06Q850I10.7 5024267£23.98DetailsToday
A06Q850H10.7 5125267£13.98DetailsToday
A06Q851H10.7 5226267£21.98DetailsToday
A06Q851HX10.7 5225277£22.98DetailsToday
A06Q854H10.7 5529267£19.98DetailsToday
A06Q856HS10.7 5731267£23.98DetailsToday
A06Q857I10.7 5731267£21.98DetailsToday
A06Q858iX10.7 5831277£23.98DetailsToday
A06Q857H10.7 5832267£19.98DetailsToday
A06Q858H10.7 5933267£23.98DetailsToday
A06Q862H10.7 6337267£20.98DetailsToday
A06Q864I10.7 6438267£24.98DetailsToday
A06Q871H10.7 7246267£24.98DetailsToday
A06Q879H10.7 8054267£23.98DetailsToday
A06Q888H10.7 8963267£23.98DetailsToday
A06Q889H10.7 9064267£23.98DetailsToday