18 Spline Range

Please note that BSP 1/2" is 20.6mm dia thread and BSP 3/4" is 26.4mm dia thread.

Our most popular 18 spline range products are shown below

Ceramic tap valve washer cartridge quarter turn 18 spline
This 18 spline cartridge fits some older Franke models such as Davos NS and Alpina taps which use part code M4721 M4720 R9742P.1760C as well as some ideal standard tantofex Trevi cartridges which use part code E002467 or A954360NU11 / A954361NU11. This cartridge is BSP 1/2", Quarter turn. Available in clockwise and Anti-Clockwise for Hot and Cold taps. 18 Spline can be known by CC7 or CC12 spline.
Quarter turn ceramic disk tap valve innard universal 18 spline
This BSP 1/2" Quarter turn ceramic disc cartridge fits into a large number of Ideal Standard basin and bath taps, as well as some ideal standard showers. The P457JS Has a cross cut through the spline. Our P457JS is compatible with Ideal Standard / Sottini part codes S960025NU E9605834NU E960582NU It fits many ideal standard basin and kitchen taps such as Academy Affinity Active Ardenne Alto ceraplan Concept Cone Luma Natos Pula Silver Senses Vectis.
Quarter turn ceramic tap valve washer headworks
This BSP 3/4" tap valve fits many Ideal Standard bath and shower mixer taps including the waterways, concept, alchemy, accolade, Tonic Vectis, Cone, Idealfill, ceramix, Lambro, Strada Jasper Tempo taps. For showers this would be the on / off flow cartridge. This quarter turn cartridge is available in clockwise and Anti-Clockwise to repair both hot and cold taps. This cartridge can be known by codes A960462NU A961010NU or E0072AA and by S960023NU (A954352NU11 And A954353NU11).